3 million Teachers Strong Sale

Have you heard the great news??? TpT is having a sale THIS Thursday AND Friday! Creative Teaching Supplies is celebrating by having a 20% off sale. Enter the promo code TPT3 to get an additional 10% off during the sale. 
So load your wish list up now. 
Head over and see what's on offer at my store.
For my Aussie followers I highly suggest you head to Aldi ASAP.  They have a whole heap of great buys from Dr Seuss to Roald Dahl.  I grabbed a few copies of Fantastic Mr Fox.  We will be reading this later in the year.  For any Year 2 teachers doing C2C, they had George's Marvellous Medicine.  They also had The Twits for any Year 4 teachers. 
I can't wait for the sale to start.  I'll share some of my purchases and I hope you will too.


Hello hello.
I'm here, I'm here!!

It's nearly been a month since my last post and man do I feel guilty.  I have been keeping up to date with all of your blogs but mine, uhh not so much.  But, I do have some very valid reasons.  I started the year off great with a beautiful Year 1 class.  Then about 2 weeks ago I was asked to take another position within my school and go to a Year 3 class.  Their teacher had been offered another role and I'm taking her class.  It's been great and hard at the same time.  I was all settled in with my class and the Year 1 curriculum and now I'm getting to know my new class and the Year 3 curriculum. 
I have been enjoying it as I have never taught this year level before. 

My other reason is my house.  My partner and I built our first home and moved in nearly a year ago.  We have an acre and so as you can guess there's lots to do inside and out.  We are very fortunate that my Dad is a landscaper and is very good at what he does.  He and my partner started laying some turf out the back today.  It's only a baby step, but man I was excited when I saw some colour out there.

This is our backyard.
As you can see we have a long way to go.
Here is my Dad.
He is certainly one of the hardest working people I know.
I'm hoping to take have some pics of the new class soon.
Have a great weekend wherever you are.
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